Your provider of natural polymers and purified plant protein

Produced in North America

Production located in North America

Our location provides added value to your supply chain.

Guar Gum for all industrial sectors

We cater to food, oil and gas, as well as pharmaceutical industries, among others.


We develop our products within the highest safety standards and international management systems. FSSC 22000 Certificate, Kosher & Halal.

Production of High-Specification Guar Gum

We cater to industries such as pharmaceutical, food, oil and gas as well as textile, among others

Our Products

Food Grade
Guar Gum

The food industry utilizes Guar Gum as a stabilizer and viscosity enhancer.

Guar Gum for Oil and Gas

Guar Gum is widely used in the oil and gas industry in completion processes.

Industrial Grade Guar Gum

Used in various branches such as:
– Cosmetic industry
– Textile industry
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Mining industry

Guar Protein

Purified protein of plant origin. The importance of guar has grown exponentially, which is why Polymerals’ location offers an invaluable advantage to your industry.



Guar is a plant traditionally cultivated in countries like India and Pakistan, although other climates are favorable for its cultivation.

A crop that thrives in semi-arid areas with high temperatures. Resistant to drought.

Guar is considered a legume that produces a pod, very similar to a green bean.

Our production located in North America presents an added value proposition for your supply chain.

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We are leaders in the production
of plant origined natural polymers
and proteins.


  • Guar is a low water requirement crop, offering an excellent option for semi-arid areas.
  • Nitrogen-fixing crop occurs in the soil because it is a legume, providing an excellent option in crop rotation.
  • Summer crop that thrives in high temperatures and strong sunlight.
  • Farming under contract with a fixed price.

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